Mission, Vision and Values

Everything we do is built on a commitment to look at the whole picture, the entire lived experience that influences health, as we connect the dots and call on the creativity of people of all backgrounds and disciplines. Our mission, vision, and values guide the way we do business.

Our Mission

We catalyze new ideas in health, explore the complex network of factors that influence health, and promote the well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet.

Our Vision

We see a world where health is valued as our most basic and essential asset and where people, places, and the planet flourish for the benefit of all. A world where health underlies all of society’s decisions and actions, where the many interconnected determinants of well-being are recognized, and where we place greater value on integration, creativity, and wisdom. A world where people enjoy meaningful and fulfilling lives—no matter where on Earth they live, work, or play.

Core Values

Our core values serve as our compass, shape our culture, and embody our guiding principles and beliefs. 


Compassion; fulfillment in body, mind, spirit, and community; alignment; joy; fun; playful; connection; bringing our full self; compassion for self and others


Vision and clarity; authenticity; integrity of thought, action, and impact; guided by heart wisdom; clear communication internally and externally


Unobstructed curiosity, exploration, imagining what’s possible, appreciative inquiry, “when the going gets tough, turn to wonder,” imagination and creativity


Partnership; teamwork; encouraging diversity of ideas; respect for transdisciplinary approach; belief that together we can achieve more


Each of us reaching our full potential; fair treatment; social determinants of health; listening deeply; historical context; opportunities; empowering people and communities


Flexibility; spaciousness in thinking and acting; expansiveness; expression of ideas; entrepreneurial; forging new pathways

Can-do Spirit

Infinite possibilities; letting go of limiting beliefs; entrepreneurial spirit; willing to do what it takes, effecting change