Our Headquarters

The Broom Corn Building

In 2010, our organization’s search for a home was found in 1407 Fleet Street, Baltimore, the “Broom Corn Building.” Thanks to a generous benefactor, we were able to purchase and renovate this amazing building, respecting its unique history whilst incorporating as many elements of green sustainable building practices as possible and working with Feng Shui principles.  

This 1913 renovated soap factory stands at the intersection of divergent neighborhoods – Harbor East, the new “ground central” of Baltimore that is a vibrant business/residential/retail waterfront development; Perkins Homes, a low socio-economic housing project; Little Italy and Fells Point, both well-established row home neighborhoods; and the economically challenged areas of East Baltimore. The building is strategically located less than three miles from the Johns Hopkins medical and school of public health campus, the University of Maryland medical and professional schools campus, and Mercy, Bay View, and Harbor hospitals. We are also within an hour’s drive of both the National Institutes of Health and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Given our many research projects and collaborations over the years, this proximity has been instrumental in the success of our programs.

From this vantage point, we’ve been able nurture strategic partnerships and connect with our diverse local community. It has also enhanced the physical setting of our workdays and our ability to collaborate, helped us nurture our Scholars and Fellows program, and expanded our  capacity to host forums, trainings, and lectures.   

Our ground floor space includes a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen and an incredible event and exhibition space, while our offices and meeting spaces are located on the third floor. We currently lease open spaces on the first and second floors.   

As we look to the future of this unique space, we are actively exploring ways it might be used to bring together like-minded organizations, nonprofits, and practitioners working on innovations in health and healing to benefit the community.  

street view of a brick warehouse with a sign that says broom corn on the front
painted white text on brick building that says broom corn
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1407 Fleet St. Baltimore, MD 21231 Directions and parking