What We Do

At the Nova Institute for Health, we’re more than just a think tank, and we don’t just conduct research—we put ideas into action and bring together thought leaders across disciplines to break down the silos that have impeded progress. We look at the whole picture, the entire lived experience that influences health, as we connect the dots and call on the creativity of people of all backgrounds and disciplines. 

We work to achieve our mission through four main strategies

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Scholars and Fellows

We support a network of Scholars and Fellows that works across disciplines to investigate critical questions, spark fresh thinking and new ideas, and discover cutting-edge solutions. These talented individuals pursue bold ideas to transform how we understand and promote health. 

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We facilitate innovative forums to tackle the "sticky" issues of our times with fresh, collaborative thinking. Our forums and events facilitate the exchange of ideas, connect the dots across disciplines, advance science, and inspire creativity and imagination. 

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Demonstration Projects

We explore, develop, and test new models and approaches for health and healing. These include scalable, replicable demonstration projects that are based on rigorous research and have real-life impact.  

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We recognize the importance of getting science and evidence-based information to many different audiences in understandable and engaging formats. We work to ensure our innovative research and ideas reach national and global audiences and can inspire change through better approaches, partnerships, and policies.   

Our Approach

Our recent, unprecedented times have laid bare significant threats to people, places, and our planet—and fragmented approaches to find solutions fail to recognize the connections among them. For too long, we’ve ignored the many reasons why people and communities either suffer or thrive.  

Bold new approaches are urgently needed to overcome this mounting crisis. It’s time to fundamentally shift how we think about health and well-being at all scales, from the individual to the local to the global. 

Our Unique Organizational Roles


We generate bold ideas, nurture creativity, and support research and novel projects that make quantum leaps forward and disrupt the status quo. We are a catalyst for change and create ideas and approaches that can endure and influence society.  


We don’t just do good work that sits on a bookshelf or a website, we communicate that work by disseminating research and evidence-based recommendations to key audiences poised to improve health policy and practices.    


We bring together individuals and partners from multiple disciplines and sectors to exchange ideas, research, and clinical findings to generate new insights and spark collaborations. We build integrative knowledge and community through many means, such as virtual and in-person meetings, forums, online platforms, and exhibits.

Backbone Organization

We support networks, as well as individuals and organizations. We nurture and provide significant resources to our community of thought leaders that they won’t get anywhere else and create a safe, respectful, and joyous environment to spark creative thinking.