Announcing the Nova Art Award

an artistic rendition of abstract flowers

To celebrate our new relationship between inVIVO Planetary Health and Nova Institute for Health, we launched the Nova Art Awards at inVIVO’s 10th annual conference

Art and creativity play integral roles in health, healing, and flourishing—art inspires us, challenges us, and helps spark new narratives for a better future by celebrating what is beautiful and highlighting what is broken. Art can help us feel connected to something larger than ourselves and inspire greater kindness, awareness, love, and compassion. Creating can help us connect to ourselves and to others, inviting a greater sense of belonging and community that is critical to human flourishing. And, creating is something we can all find joy in! 

The Nova Art Awards included three categories: Ages 13+, Ages 12 and under, and Photography. 

2021 Winners

Ages 13+:

First Place: Genius III, Ava Carney
Second Place: Heart of the Ocean, Jane Walsh

Ages 12 and Under:

First Place: Samuel Hsu, age 6
Second Place: Eleanor Orrow, age 7



First Place: Tree Banks, George Kaplan
Second Place: Turtle on the Beach, Peter Hsu

Submission Gallery

Please enjoy the submission gallery below or watch the submissions as videos.