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Nature and Planetary Health

Earth Day 2021

We’re celebrating Earth Day (April 22nd) this week on Twitter and Facebook by highlighting some of the Institute’s innovative scholars and visionaries who explore connections between nature, healing, and planetary health.

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Igniting an Epidemic of Health

Institute Founders Brian Berman and Susan Hartnoll Berman explore how the path to improving health involves not just medicine but an understanding of all the dynamic processes that contribute to wellbeing: economics, nutrition, work, relationships, the environment.

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New Ways of Living

In this inVIVO presentation at the 2020 Project Earthrise meeting, Institute Scholar Sara Warber, MD, discusses “Imagining New Ways of Living: At the Intersection of Art, Nature and Health.”

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Project Earthrise—Taking it Forward

Susan Prescott, Ph.D. professor at the University of Western Australia School of Medicine, and president of inVIVO Planetary Health, discusses the connections between the material realm and the great mysteries of the spiritual realm at the December 2020 InVivo Project Earthrise conference.

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