Exploring Healing Environments

rebecca etz smiles and waves at the camera

A person’s environment can profoundly impact their sense of well-being and, in some cases, how well they heal. In 2017, the Nova Institute convened a panel of experts to envision future clinical spaces designed for optimal healing. The discussion focused on advances in lighting to enhance neurological rehabilitation and novel hospital designs to support rest and recovery. With more people living longer, innovative ideas in health care design are vital to the future of medicine. 

Panelists included Mohammed Gharipour, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Planning at Morgan State University; David B. Morris, PhD, author of Eros & Illness and Emeritus Professor of Literature, University of Virginia; Nova Institute Scholar George Brainard, PhD, Professor of Neurology and Director of the Light Research Program at Thomas Jefferson University; and Nova Institute Visiting Visionary Rebecca S. Etz, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Population Health at Virginia Commonwealth University.