Focus Areas

At the Nova Institute, we look at the whole picture, the entire lived experience that influences health. Our work examines the full spectrum of health, healing, and flourishing through many lenses—including nature, art, nutrition, planetary health, integrative medicine, primary care, light, social determinants, lifestyle, post-traumatic growth, and more.

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Health, Healing, and Flourishing

We’re working to gain a better understanding of the healing response and develop new theories of healing that address what works, for whom, and in what circumstances.

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Food and Nutrition

Proper nutrition is good for the whole body, and what happens in the gut affects the brain and mental health. And food that is sustainably grown is good for both people and our planet.

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Nature and Planetary Health

Numerous studies show evidence that spending time in nature helps the body and mind to heal.

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Social Determinants

We are examining the social determinants of health — the drivers and inequities of well-being and their root causes — so we can find solutions and develop measures that inform smart policies and promote health, healing, and flourishing for everyone.

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Art and Creativity

When we talk about the nexxus between art and healing, our scholars say that art shifts you. That its healing powers change the spaces we’re in — including in health care settings.

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Research and Evidence

Methodologies that are the gold standard for evaluating pharmaceuticals aren’t always appropriate for studying multi-component therapies or exploring the interwoven factors that influence health.