Art and Creativity

When we talk about the nexus between art and healing, our scholars say that art shifts you. That its healing powers change the spaces we’re in — including in health care settings. Looking at art that others create has a strong effect on us, while expressing ourselves creatively also has healing powers of its own. Art connects us to others; it helps us communicate and feel a sense of belonging. Studies show that engaging in the arts can help individuals sleep better and have improved impulse control, greater concentration, and reduced levels of depression and anxiety — which can also help prevent suicide. Whether it’s helping veterans express themselves through art, looking at art’s role in healing and in hospitals, encouraging children to imagine a better future through creativity — art and creativity is an exciting area of interest for our researchers and the public health community at large. 

two woman pose in from of art on a wall

Scholars and Fellows Working in this Area


  • Vet Arts Connect: Supporting the health and well-being of military veterans by connecting them with nature and the arts 
  • Extraordinary Journey: A collaboration of the healing and creative arts to better  understand a healing system that integrates sound with Chinese medicine

Publications and News

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