Food and Nutrition

Good food is not just about taste, and diet is not just about achieving an ideal weight or dress size. Proper nutrition is good for the whole body, and what happens in the gut affects the brain and mental health. And food that is sustainably grown is good for both people and our planet. But too often, communities face significant barriers to getting fresh, nutritious, and plentiful food, and people are often confused about what types of diets they should follow for their own personal health. According to a 2019 study published by The Lancet, which analyzed the health effects of poor diet across 195 countries, 11 million deaths and 255 million disability-adjusted life-years were attributed to dietary risk factors. We aim to improve health through better food and nutrition research, education, programs, and policies.

a group of children in blue shirts participate in a classroom cooking demonstration

Scholars and Fellows Working in this Area

Demonstration Projects

  • Culinary Health and Medicine Program: First-of-its-kind core curriculum equipping medical students with a more complete perspective on food and health
  • Mission Thrive Summer: Empowered urban youth, families, and communities to make healthful lifestyle changes 
  • Five Times a Feast: Addressed common personal, geographic, and socioeconomic barriers to healthy eating across age groups
  • Spice MyPlate: Taught students how to choose, prepare, and enjoy healthy food with an emphasis on spices and herbs
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