From Fear to Flourishing

In 2021, the Nova Institute for Health is developing a new demonstration project to help clinicians include integrative medicine approaches to health and healing so they can improve the mental health of both physicians and their patients. The project will include development of a screening and brief intervention and referral tool and related educational and training materials that will help primary care practitioners assist patients suffering from high levels of stress or trauma. The project’s primary goals are to:   

  • Help primary care providers identify patients suffering from adverse mental health due to trauma and high levels of stress; 
  • Successfully integrate holistic interventions in primary care practices to address trauma and high levels of stress; and 
  • Improve physicians’ and patients’ health and well-being through the use of holistic interventions.

 The COVID-19 has caused a great deal of of trauma and stress both for primary care providers and their patients. This project aims to help providers identify this underlying stress in themselves and their patients and give them easy-to-use tools and interventions to cope.  

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