Nature and Planetary Health

Does your doctor prescribe nature for your health? They should! Numerous studies show evidence that spending time in nature helps the body and mind to heal. Our scholars and fellows, many of them physicians themselves, have examined helping veterans heal through nature, the effects of forest bathing, women’s connection to nature, and much more. And while nature heals us, we need to do more to heal our environment. The health of our planet and the health of people and our communities are all connected. But not enough people have access to healthy air and clean water or green spaces, and we see the devastating effects of the very real climate crisis all around us. We’re focusing on the links between public health and planetary health so we can find solutions and achieve our vision of a world where people enjoy meaningful and fulfilling lives—no matter where on Earth they live, work, or play.  

a group of people forest bathing with arms around each other's shoulders

Scholars and Fellows Working in this Area

Demonstration Projects

  • Green Road: A woodland healing retreat at the nation’s largest military health center helping service members recover from the psychological wounds of war 
  • Project Earthrise: A forum for rich conversation and diverse perspectives that address the grand challenges of our time 
  • (Mutual Reawakenings) Women’s Dreams: Nature, Health and a Balanced Life: Exploring visions, stories and experiences of human and planetary healing 
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