Project Earthrise

To overcome our greatest challenges, we must address the value systems that created them in the first place. We must fundamentally question the way we choose to live on our planet. How we see ourselves. How we treat others. How we care for our place and our communities. Even the way that we approach our problems.

icon of earth with leaf

Project Earthrise directly addresses these foundational principles, taking inspiration from one of the most transcendent moments in modern history—when we first saw the Earth across the void of space. One planet. For all people. Igniting profound wonder and awe, it inspired a renewed desire for peace, unity, justice and appreciation and care for nature. This, and research since, reveals that we are more aligned in our vision and desire for a better world than our current polarized social climate suggests—especially when we are inspired.

Through a range of activities, Project Earthrise will provide a forum for rich conversations and diverse perspectives, seeking to normalize mutualistic approaches, and to place a higher value on creativity, imagination and self-development in solving challenges at all scales—for all citizens of the world.