inVIVO Planetary Health

inVIVO Planetary Health is an international, collaborative network for planetary health. Its president is Nova Institute Scholar Susan Prescott, and Alan Logan is an inVIVO director. We are thrilled that, in its 10th year, inVIVO became an initiative of the Nova Institute for Health.  

inVIVO is a diverse, forward-looking community providing evidence, advocacy, and inspiration to align the interests and vitality of people, places, and planet. Its mission is to transform personal and planetary health through awareness, attitudes and actions, and a deeper understanding of how all systems are interconnected and interdependent.  


Project Earthrise

One of inVIVO’s top priorities is Project Earthrise. Project Earthrise’s goal is to create a diverse program for transformative change that seeks to address our many interconnected challenges from the root causes, by giving greater focus to the underlying value systems that created them in the first place. This recognizes that many problems of the Anthropocene ultimately stem from human attitudes to each other and to our environment—and that addressing this is vital for the health of people, places, and planet. 

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New Ways of Living

In this inVIVO presentation at the 2020 Project Earthrise meeting, Institute Scholar Sara Warber, MD, discusses “Imagining New Ways of Living: At the Intersection of Art, Nature and Health.”

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The Green Road Project

Attendees at the December 2020 InVivo Project Earthrise meeting heard from Institute Scholar Frederick Foote, MD, who heads the Green Road Project, the nation’s largest healing garden at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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Revolutionizing Medical Student Nutrition Education

Chris D’Adamo, Ph.d., senior program advisor, The Institute for Integrative Health, presents at the December 2020 InVivo Conference on the long tradition of food as medicine, and a required course in culinary medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

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Project Earthrise—Taking it Forward

Susan Prescott, Ph.D. professor at the University of Western Australia School of Medicine, and president of inVIVO Planetary Health, discusses the connections between the material realm and the great mysteries of the spiritual realm at the December 2020 InVivo Project Earthrise conference.

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inVivo Planetary Health and Institute Publish Paper

InVIVO co-founding president, Susan L. Prescott, MD, PhD, Alan C. Logan, and Institute co-founders Susan Berman and Brian Berman, MD, publish paper in Challenges titled Project Earthrise: Inspiring Creativity, Kindness and Imagination in Planetary Health.”

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