Scholars and Fellows Program

Our transdisciplinary community of thought leaders investigates critical questions, elevates evidence-based practices, and discovers cutting-edge solutions. The Scholars and Fellows Program supports talented individuals in pursuing bold ideas to transform how we understand and promote health. 

We identify preeminent thought leaders with track records of success and creativity (Scholars) and provide them with the freedom and resources to take their work in new, pioneering directions. We also mentor and support talented young innovators (Fellows) who have the courage to pursue uncharted courses and the promise to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our community also advances new research methods, including developing innovative tools and approaches for next generation scientific discovery.

By design, our Scholars and Fellows are from diverse fields—such as medicine, photobiology, atmospheric chemistry, epidemiology, and psychology—that rarely, if ever, have opportunities for collaboration. This diversity breaks down traditional barriers, stimulates fresh thinking and new ideas, and leads to fruitful partnerships that multiply the impact of their pursuits.

Remaining at their home institutions to conduct their work, Scholars and Fellows convene at twice-yearly retreats, participate in monthly teleconferences, and collaborate on projects.

Priming the Next Generation

Many young forward thinkers don’t have time or resources to explore their potentially breakthrough ideas. The Institute nurtures some of these budding visionaries, giving them the opportunity to fulfill their promise—and their dreams—as Institute Fellows. While bringing fresh perspectives and energy to the conversation, Fellows receive mentoring and guidance from Scholars.

Who are Scholars and Fellows?

Scholars are accomplished, internationally recognized individuals engaged in work that promotes an integrative approach to the health of people, places, and the planet. They are original thinkers who value a collaborative exchange with colleagues across disciplines, and have a passion to mentor the next generation of Scholars.

Fellows are individuals at a critical point of their careers who are interested in doing innovative work that advances an integrative approach to health and wellness. They have the potential to emerge as thought leaders.

Nomination and Selection

Scholars and Fellows are nominated by external advisers and Nova Institute leadership, and candidates are selected after a review of invited proposals. Unsolicited applications are not accepted.